"There's no sense in dreaming small, moderation is for monks" - Keith Foskett

"Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out going to the mountain is going home; that wilderness is a necessity..." - John Muir

"All it takes is one little accident to turn some mountaineering equipment into a piece of bondage gear" - Charlie Knight


A backpack, a tent, some clothes, 14 times the elevation of the everest starting from sea level and 4 279 kilometers from Mexico to Canada - What could go wrong ?


(And who wouldn't want to let go of their watery excrements in the woods while watching a beautiful sunrise over the magnificient sierras for 5 months ?)

The PCT is a self supported long distance hiking trail starting at the mexican border, crossing California, Oregon and Washington only to end at the Canadian border.

Among the interesting wild life to be expected are snakes (coral and rattlesnakes for the dangerous ones), wild cats (mountain lions, bobcats, foxes and coyotes), spiders (tarentulas and western black widows for the venomous ones), scorpions, black bears.
On the less interesting side (or more common), there are porcupines, goats, moskitos, dears, beavers, rabbits, birds, racoons and plenty other things I am tired of listing.


- Because proper adventure can only be found when you ditch the technology and you're forced  to rely on your wits and your cunning (and I also want to take a dump while watching the sierras; primary motivation material).

- Pacific side of the United States of America

- 5 months from April to October 2018

4,270 kms - A Pacific Crest Trail Documentary

4,270 kms - A Pacific Crest Trail Documentary

4,270 kms - A Pacific Crest Trail Documentary

Trailer - "4,270 kms - A Pacific Crest Trail documentary"

Pacific Crest Trail - 4,270 kms - Presentation

In order for you to support me during this adventure, I am raising funds for an awesome organization I have been able to work with. They are full of selfless people and they are present in places where no one else is

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), litterally translated to Doctors without Borders, are helping refugees in Jordan and Syria. MSF are deployed in the mediteranean sea trying to prevent refugees from drowning, MSF are in Syria where the civil war is terrorizing the population, MSF are in first line treating tuberculosis in western asia by deploying human resources and mobile hospitals.
Médecins Sans Frontières are deployed in Bangladesh to rescue the refugees victim of the recent massacre. They are present in South Sudan helping refugees of the political crisis that doesn't end. They treat thousands of people from HIV in India.

91,2% of the founds are directly used on the field to help populations.
4,9% are spent to collect donations.
3,9% are used for operating costs

That means a lot of lifes saved! All donations through this page are going directly to Médecins Sans Frontières without any intermediary. And in typical crowdfunding fashion, EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS! It is easy and 100% secure.



Because I am such a kick-ass, unique, unreal, so-damn-cute,  down-to-earth, funny, sexy, and totally-not-what you-would-expect, inspirational person, you want to be a part of my quickly growing popularity.


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