The Race

"Bollocks to boring modern yachts with their auto-pilots and comfy cabins. For a proper ocean adventure vessel you need to go back a few hundred years. Take a dugout canoe made from a mango tree, add a bamboo mast, a sail and a couple of outriggers and you have the Ngalawa - the ultimate sailing machine. Line up against a fleet of like-minded idiots and point it towards the Indian Ocean racecourse of spice islands, deserted beaches and sand banks off the coast of Tanzania.  Welcome to the world's greatest sailing race."


A tree chunk, a bed-sheet and some strings – what could go wrong ?
The Ngalawa is the crocodile of the sailing world: there's been no need to change the design for hundreds of years because it is a thing of ancient seafaring genius. Locals use them for fishing and short trips making it the obvious choice for a long-distance race between islands off the coast of Tanzania.



Because proper adventure can only be found when you ditch the technology and you're forced to rely on your wits and your cunning.


The race covers nearly the whole length of the Tanzanian coast snaking around the Zanzibar Archipelago. Some of the best sailing in the Indian Ocean. In July the race starts in Kilwa and finishes on Zanzibar Island. 


July 2017

The Sailor to Zanzibar - A Kraken cup documentary

The Sailor to Zanzibar - A Kraken cup documentary

Ngalawa Cup: Presentation

The Team


Fiasco De Gama

Anthony Jouannic

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Médecins sans Frontières bound

Pierre Ruaro

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IT consultant

Laurent Feraudet

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Civil engineer

Médecins sans Frontières

For this adventure we want to raise funds for an awesome organization full of selfless people and they are present on ALL the african continent going where no one else does:

Médecins Sans Frontières (Nobel Peace Prize in 1999), litterally translated to Doctors without Borders, are helping refugees in Jordan and Syria. MSF are deployed at sea trying to prevent refugees from drowning, MSF are in Irak where ISIS is terrorizing the population, MSF are in first line treating tuberculosis in western asia by deploying human resources and mobile hospitals. Médecins Sans Frontières are deployed in Haiti to rescue the people victim of the recent natural disaster. They are present in South Sudan helping refugees of the political crisis that doesn't end. They treat thousands of people from HIV in India.

91,2% of the founds are directly used on the field to help populations.
4,9% are spent to collect donations.
3,9% are used for operating costs

That means a lot of lifes saved! All donations through this page are going directly to Médecins Sans Frontières without any intermediary. And in typical crowdfunding fashion, EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS! It is easy and 100% secure.