Welcome to my little space! I am a traveller, runner, hiker, walker, alpinist, photograph but most importantly I am a French Frie that indefinetly left his beautiful alpine country to discover the rest of the world and share it through the lens. Most of what you will see on this page are my pictures and my projects around the globe. If you like it or are interested in taking part in it, please contact me! I am always looking for adventurous like-minded people

I work for Doctors without Borders / Médecins sans Frontières, a wonderful organization full of selfless people.

I have done a few ultras and I like to go to places that are difficult to access. I celebrate discomfort!


“From the pain we gain, it changes the insane to a wisely sane, it is the great’s mate. It crafts our souls, it is the rain for grains of the wheat, it is the food of the Runner.”

I do what I do until it no longer makes sense. Adventure | Photography